AirDeska…for people.
Calling the freelancers, digital nomads, remote workers and side hustlers.

At last….a place where you can find somewhere where you will be welcome to work, where and when you want! but…for now….you must work at home! So, post your profile, advertise your talents and skills and offer the wonderful opportunites you can offer.

When life returns to normal, this could be a coffee shop, café, hotel lobby or garden centre or maybe a co-working space, serviced office or even a Hotdesk in a local business…

ALSO…a place where you can post your business profile for others to see when looking for skills to complete projects.

AND….where you can find providers of other services, local, national or international to help you in your business.


Airdeska….. for Places

At Last…..A place where you can list your space as a ideal workspace for freelancers, digital nomads and other remote workers. A welcoming space for them to work, arrange meetings or just chill with other freelancers.

You can hang the ‘AirDeska’ sign outside to easily show your welcome.

Do you have the laptop worker at a table for 4, nursing an Americano for 3 hours? Now you can welcome them to your Airdeska deal to share space with other freelancers, sit in an area of your space ideal for working, have whatever the deal offers from bottomless coffee to inclusive cake breaks and lunch and all at a price you set!



Ready to join the AirDeska Community or offer your space as a place to work for a while ?

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